PETA goes after Tanooki Mario

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Super Tanooki Skin 2D PetaPETA is once again on the warpath. (What else is new.) Yet another video game has earned its ire. It’s not Skyrim, where you can kill animals like chickens, cows, dogs or bears though. No, instead the group has directed it’s wrath on Mario. Super Mario 3D Land, to be exact. Why? Because Super Mario 3D Land has brought back the Tanooki. PETA’s upset because it immediately sees Tanooki Mario and figures he had to kill and skin a cute little animal to get the outfit and ability to fly.

Anyways, let’s give a quick summary of what’s what Super Tanooki Skin 2D is all about. It’s a 2D Flash game played in the browser for free. You control a skinned Tanooki chasing after Mario, who is now wearing his bloodied skin and flying away. The game is constantly moving and making the Tanooki run, so all you have to do is press the space bar to jump. Well, jump and occasionally grab coins.

Obviously, PETA needs to get its facts straight. Mario gets his Tanooki suit by grabbing a magical leaf from a Tanooki tree. A leaf that most likely fell off naturally,due to its brown color. No trees or animals are harmed in the process, though a few Koopas and Goombas may suffer some stomping. This is the second time it’s made such a huge mistake. The first was with Super Meat Boy, where they assumed Meat Boy was made of meat, when really he’s just a dude with no skin. The result was Super Tofu Boy.

Know what I love about PETA? I love how excessively bloody, violent and grotesque their flash games can be. Especially the ones assaulting Cooking Mama and now Super Mario 3D Land. Here you have an all ages, innocent, fun for everybody game and PETA turns it into nightmare fuel. Real nice. Seriously people, go get a life. Go after the people who are really doing damage instead of a silly video game.

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  • Ultraviolet

    "….instead of a silly video game"

    Oh boy, you had me until you insulted videogames like that.

    Why did you have to call them silly, Jenny? You're talking like the typical girlfriend, wife or mother when describing videogames as being silly. Gives us gals a bad rap and fuels the stereotype. Tsk! Tsk!

  • Argonstorm

    PETA: People eating tasty animals. They probably just want them all for themselves.