Saints Row: The Third’s sex-toy weapon is making headlines

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Saints Row the ThirdSaints Row has made its own impact on open-world crime games with a ridiculous type of mayhem. There’s no better proof of that than The Penetrator, a large purple sex toy attached to a baseball bat handle.

That was too much for the game rating gurus in Japan, who asked publisher THQ to remove the veins from the weapon. Japan does not allow the “depiction of genital parts” in games so The Penetrator was in violation.

The latest Saints Row installment got the rating of CERO Z, which is Japan’s version of the ESRB’s AO (Adults Only) rating. Even so, officials deemed the weapon in its original form too graphic for impressionable adults to lay eyes on.

This is the same country that introduced tentacle porn to the world, right? Just checking.

The Penetrator is inspiring controversy in North America as well, for an entirely different reason. Publisher THQ had teased a PS3 exclusive game mode featuring the infamous bat. The game’s out now and no one has encountered any such mode. Joystiq did a comparison of the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions then asked THQ for an explanation. The publisher didn’t give one, going with the tried-and-true, “No comment.”

This immediately brings to mind EA’s promises of a free Battlefield 1943 download for customers who purchased Battlefield 3 during E3 2011. That content mysteriously vanished by the time the game released in October 2011. It’s as if publishers don’t think we’re paying attention when they promise platform-exclusive goodies. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only do we remember, they are often a deciding factor in which version of a game we purchase. Saints Row: The Third released November 15, 2011, on PS3 and Xbox 360 in North America and will hit Japanese stores November 17, 2011. Sans phallus bat

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