Skyrim’s large save file causes lag on PS3s

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Guess what all you PS3 owning Skyrim fans, you’re about to hit a wall! Best of all, it’s an unavoidable wall. While Skyrim may be playing perfectly for you right now, that is about to change. Apparently, the save file is a ticking time-bomb on your console.

Allow me to explain. The save file found in Skyrim is like the one used in other Bethesda games. That is, it is continually growing. It doesn’t just stay at some fixed size like 1mb, 2mb or even 3mb. No, that would be convenient! The Skyrim save file is hungry for your hard drive and has been known to grow past the 6mb issue.

You’d think that’d be no big deal. I mean, PS3 hard drives are now at least 160gb, and even the oldest and smallest ones are still 20gb. Well, the larger that save file is, the more lag PS3 players will encounter. Multiple outlets and the official Bethesda Softworks Forums are filled with tales of woe from people whose save files have grown past the 5mb point. At that point, it becomes impossible to complete quests, talk with NPCs and so on.

Now, I’ve been playing Skyrim on the PS3 and haven’t encountered any lag yet. However, my save file is also still under 4mb. All reports state that the lag kicks in after your save file hits the 5mb mark. So I guess all of us PS3 owners have something to look forward to in the coming days and weeks!

While PS3 owners will have to wait, hope and pray for a patch that will fix this problem entirely, there are two things that can be done to make the lag more bearable. One is to turn off the autosave feature in the options, to stop the constant save-file growth. The other is to turn off and restart the PS3 after an hour of play. That second one is just so convenient!

Know what I really wish? I wish that companies would just make a game completely playable at launch. I don’t care if it means we get it a few weeks, maybe even a month late. Just make a game that doesn’t have game-breaking glitches and require constant patches. I mean, if it could be done as recently as the GameCube/PS2/Xbox era, then it should be able to be done now. Especially in this case, because a save file issue like this had to come up during the testing period. I mean, this same issue came up with the PS3 versions of Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. It’s part of the reason I even stopped playing New Vegas!

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  • Thrileon

    I agree with u,hope they patch this problem soon.I think the true nature of the problem with ps3 slowdown after 5-6 mb saves (along with minor glitches and bugs) is that bethesda developed the game for the inferior xbox360 cause it was easier to start with as been said from the developers,then they ported it to ps3 without even testing it.They thought ok,if it works on the crapbox it ll have no issues on ps3 too.Trust me if it was vice versa,the game wouldnt had any problems at all in both consoles.

  • Aces

    Wow. Sensationalism at its best. First, it is NOT guaranteed that you will be hit by this bug. If you had actually done your research and gone through message boards, you'd see that this is a general number. Not only that, but many, many players are reporting files in excesss of 10 mb and having no issues. So please, stop providing food for trolls and/or the lame-as-hell console wars.

  • Aces

    Stop. Please just stop with this "inferior" 360 BS. Both systems have their strengths, both have their weaknesses. In the end though, both are GREAT systems that any player should be happy to own.

  • Thrileon

    ok i was little unfair about xbox but the truth is they didnt even bother to test the game beyond the main quest,if they had it would take at least a couple of months more to be released and it wouldnt had so many bugs and bad textures,slow framerates etc.Thats why it looks awful even on pc.Personally i havent reached 5mb or above,
    i hope it wont freeze its very frustrating,That game was rushed for release with many flaws and we ll see many updates in the future.

  • prince-ethan

    so i know this post is old, but i have had so many glitches with this game it’s ridiculous. when my dad went to play the game, his new game autosaved over my 20+ hr file. im honestly crushed as this has never happened to me before. i wish i could get it back but its too late now!! i dont understand why they didn’t build it in so the new games save to a different save slot…