Get Saints Row 2 with your PS3 copy of Saints Row: The Third

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Saints Row The Third PS3A few days ago, back when Saints Row: The Third was released, a very large portion of the gaming population was incensed. They were those of the PS3, who had purchased Saints Row: The Third for that particular system due to E3 promises of an exclusive game mode. Except, Saints Row: The Third had come, and with no exclusive PS3 content as promised. The people raged and both THQ and Sony didn’t seem to be coming up with any explanation.

Then, yesterday night, Sony and THQ came together to offer a solution that would make everything right.

PS3 owners aren’t getting a new game mode though. No, they’re getting something that could actually be considered better. All PS3 Saints Row: The Third new buyers will be getting a free download of Saints Row 2.

And the people rejoiced.

Here’s how it works. When you get Saints Row: The Third new for $59.99, it comes with an online pass code. Once you enter that code at the PlayStation Store, you’re set. Starting next week, you’ll get free access to the Saints Row 2 download, which would normally cost $19.99. So yay for you!

Saints Row 2 won’t always be free with Saints Row: The Third though. You have to purchase the newest game and redeem the code before February 13, 2012 to get Saints Row 2 as well. But that’s plenty of time for fans to grab the game.

It’s good to see Sony and THQ stepping up to make things right. I mean, even though Saints Row 2 isn’t the extra gameplay mode that people were promised, I’m sure all Saints Row: The Third owners will be pleased. At least THQ didn’t do like EA, who promised free Battlefield 1943 with PS3 copies of Battlefield 3, didn’t come through and instead offered PS3 owners the chance to buy Battlefield 3 DLC early!

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