Starhawk private beta takes off November 22

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Starhawk private beta

A private beta for the upcoming multiplayer-focused Starhawk will begin a matter of days. A limited number of gamers that played Warhawk and chose to receive promotional emails from Sony will be getting beta codes in their inboxes starting November 22. Lightbox Interactive, the developers of Starhawk, will be pushing out those beta keys slowly over time.

The initial batch of beta players will have two levels on which to play capture the flag. As time goes on, more gameplay modes and weapons will be added to the beta as time goes on.

If you recall, those who purchased new copies of Uncharted 3 received a voucher to also participate in the Starhawk beta. Those players are still scheduled to get into the public beta at the beginning of 2012.

There are still chances to get into the private beta even if you’ve never played Warhawk. Codes will be given out to a select few that register on the official Starhawk site, and through select partners. It’s also a good idea to keep your eyes on Facebook and Twitter as developers tend to give out codes using those platforms.

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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