Namco Bandai holding Thanksgiving 2011 sale on iTunes

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Pac Man Championship Edition iOS

Maybe this year, you want to get someone something that requires little to no effort on your part. You know, click a button, have the gift automatically deliver itself and just wait for the person to recognize your efforts with a “Thank You” email. Shopping on iTunes for iOS device owning friends seems like the perfect option and Namco Bandai wants to fascilitate your efforts in doing that this year with a Thanksgiving 2011 app sale.

Between now and November 28, 2011, 25 Namco Bandai apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are all on sale. The exact price difference varies, but in most cases the deals are pretty good. And, since only three of them are games that are normally free and require some kind of in-app purchase, it means you have 22 new possible gift options for a loved one.

Let’s go through the whole list of sale games. If something is only available for iPads, as some iOS apps are, it’ll be noted.

  • Ace Combat XI: Skies of Incursion – 99¢
  • Buccaneer Blitz – 99¢
  • Dig Dug Remix – 99¢
  • Fossil Feast – 99¢
  • Galaga Remix – 99¢
  • House of Glass (iPad) – $2.99 after you grab the free app and make the in-app upgrade
  • Isaac Newton’s Gravity – 99¢
  • Isaac Newton’s Gravity HD (iPad) – $2.99 after you grab the free app and make the in-app upgrade
  • Lost in Time: The Clockwork Tower (iPad) – $2.99 after you grab the free app and make the in-app upgrade
  • Mappy – 99¢
  • Mishap – $2.99
  • Mishap for iPad (iPad) – $2.99
  • Pac-Man Championship Edition – 99¢
  • Pac-Chomp – 99¢
  • Pac-Man Remix – 99¢
  • Pac’n Jump – 99¢
  • Pool Pro Online 3 – 99¢
  • Pool Pro Online 3 for iPad (iPad) – 99¢
  • Puzzle Quest 2 – $2.99
  • Rally-X Rumble – 99¢
  • Ridge Racer Accelerated – $1.99
  • Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory – $2.99
  • Splatterhouse – 99¢
  • Time Crisis Strike – 99¢
  • Time Crisis 2nd Strike – $1.99

I’d recommend House of Glass, Time Crisis, Puzzle Quest 2 and Isaac Newton’s Gravity. They’re all pretty good. Pac-Man Championship Edition isn’t bad either, but the iOS layout for it is kind of odd and the DX incarnation that was released on consoles is much better.

You know what these apps would be good for? Obligation gifts. You know, people you know, but don’t know well enough to justify spending over $10 on a gift for them. Just grab between one and three of the 99¢ apps for them and you’ll be covered!

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