Humble Inversion Bundle appears in time for Black Friday

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Uplink Game InversionWell here’s an awesome gift idea for someone who needs to do some shopping for a Windows, Mac or Linux gamer. It turns out a brand new Humble Indie Bundle has just appeared! This one has been dubbed the Humble Inversion Bundle, as it prominently features four full games and two prototype tech demos from the indie developer Inversion.

You get quite a bit of variety with the base Humble Inversion Bundle. Four games are included, Darwinia, Multiwinia, DEFCON and Uplink. Darwinia and Multiwinia are basic action games. DEFCON is a single or multiplayer strategic battle simulation. Uplink is the most unusual of the four, as it is a puzzle adventure surrounding the world of hacking. The two tech demos are are Subversion City Generator, to generate city environments, and a Voxel Tech Demo that looks at how virtual voxel buildings can be destroyed. The games are for Windows, Mac and Linux, but the prototypes are only for Windows.

A buyer’s incentive has also already been added to the Humble Inversion Bundle. If you pay more than the current average, which was $3.30 at 2:30pm CST on November 22, 2011, you also get Aquaria and Crayon Physics Deluxe.

Here’s a trailer to give you an idea of what all the games look like.

If you buy, you can consider this a gift to yourself or a friend and a stranger. As with all Humble Bundles, you decide where your money goes. You can send it all to the developers, all to charity (Child’s Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation) or to Humble Bundle Inc. As someone who received Aquaria from a prior Humble Bundle, I’d say it alone is easily worth $10 or $15. Just make sure you get it before December 6, 2011, because that’s when this bundle disappears.

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