Steam’s Autumn Sale is pretty irresistible

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Steam Autumn Sale

For the next several hours, Steam will discount a number of games as part of its Autumn sale. The games we are going to tell you about now will be swapped out tomorrow. If you happen to miss them, there are still a bunch of other games for sale from now until November 27 from the likes of Bethesda, Rockstar, Valve and others.

One of the most notable deals today is Portal 2 for $10.19 and Orcs Must Die! for $3.74. Orcs Must Die! was released a little over a month ago, so it’s a steal at this price. Duke Nukem Forever has also been thrown in the bargain bin for under $10.

Steam will have another block of games for sale tomorrow, so don’t spend all your money at once.

  • Men of War: Vietnam – $8.74
  • Duke Nukem Forever – $6.79
  • Risen – $14.99
  • Oddworld: The Oddbox – $3.74
  • Sam & Max The Complete Pack – $12.49
  • Dejobaan Collection – $9.99
  • CoD: Black Ops – $29.99
  • Renegade Ops – $7.49
  • Test Drive Unlimited 2 – $4.99
  • Mass Effect 2 – $4.99
  • Orcs Must Die! – $3.74
  • Portal 2 – $10.19

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