Even Vita’s smallest memory card costs almost as much as a game

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PS Vita Memory CardsOh Sony and your propietary memory cards. That’s just so you! Anyways, those of us who have gotten invested in Sony’s handhelds know they aren’t like Nintendo’s DSi, DSi XL and 3DS and just use currently available memory cards. I mean, that is just so mainstream! Instead, the handhelds use something more unusual. The PSP used the Memory Stick Pro instead of an SD card, and the PSPgo used the Memory Stick Micro M2 instead of a MicroSD. So the shock over Vita memory card didn’t last long. In fact, I bet the prices won’t even phase Sony fans.

According to GameStop, which now has a Vita page filled with prices for everything, the cheapest card you can get is a $29.99 4gb card. It looks like a MicroSD card, but obviously isn’t because you could probably find a 4gb MicroSD card for under $5. Remember that a PS Vita game’s average price will be $39.99, and I’m sure even that will drop down $10 after a month or two. Which means a lot of early adopters will probably be forced to choose between getting a game with their system or getting a practically mandatory memory card.

The amount you’ll have to sacrifice goes up as you go for larger Vita memory cards. The 8gb model is $44.99, the 16gb one $69.99 and the 32gb card is a whopping $119.99. I don’t think I have to point out that you could probably find one of those awesome PSP Entertainment Pack bundles on sale for around $120, and that would get you a system, memory card and maybe even two games.

So, now that you know what you’d probably have to pay, which memory card would you go for? As expensive as it is, I’d suggest the 8gb model. It seems like it’d come in most handy, especially if you have downloaded PSP games that you’ll want to play on your Vita.

Read [Destructoid] Product Page [GameStop]

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  • Zac Kurtz

    that sure as hell aint stopping me. I'd rather pay more to get the system with the greatest games than buy the 3DS and it's generic rehashed games…