PS3 firmware 4.00 preps the console for Vita

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Vita The PS3 is getting another firmware update this week. Usually we don’t have any idea what the firmware updates actually due besides optimization for some unknown software. This time however, we know the PS3 is being updated to support the PlayStation Vita when it releases in Japan in December. PlayStation Plus members are also getting a few more options for their money.

Sony describes PS3 firmware 4.0 as one that will turn the PS3 into a content management device. This means content such as music, videos and game saves that are stored on the Vita, can be transported to the PS3. The PS3 will essentially serve as a separate hard drive for the Vita. The PS3 will also be able to update the Vita’s firmware if need be. That’s pretty neat.

Over on the PlayStation Plus side, members can now choose which automatic update features they want to enable. Soon you can choose not to automatically sync trophies, but still retain the ability to download game patches at certain times.

A new system for filtering friend requests and messages will also be introduced.

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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