Jelly Defense is a great addition to your Android tower defense library

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Jelly Defense

I’m a big fan of tower defense games. Even though tower defense games tend to involve starring at the screen more than actually playing the game, they still make me feel great for choosing the right combination of towers to keep enemies at bay. There’s a delightful tower defense game available in the Amazon Appstore called Jelly Defense. The game is free for today, but will jump to $2.99 tomorrow. Take my advice and download it now. It’s pretty good.

Jelly Defense wonderfully animated in a way that reminds me of de Blob. The world is gray, but the characters are red and blue. In addition to providing contrast to the world, the colors of the jellies directly affect the gameplay. Towers can only attack enemies with matching colors. For example, an all red tower will not attack an all blue enemy and vice versa.

Jelly Defense still has basic tower defense features such as upgrading towers, selling towers and the occasional power-up. Its somewhat whimsical nature and light-hearted music definitely makes it stand out from other popular tower defense games for Android.

Not convinced yet? Well check out our video and see for yourself.

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