Spend Valentine’s Day with Rhythm Heaven Fever

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Rhythm Heaven Fever

We’ve pretty much gotten used to the fact that the Wii doesn’t get great games pretty often. Actually, we’ve been spoiled the last few months. You know, what with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Kirby’s Return to Dreamland, Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny, Rayman Origins and the forthcoming Fortune Street. I mean, what will we do in January 2012 when no Wii games are being released. The answer is simple – we’ll catch up on our backlogs and wait for Rhythm Heaven Fever.

Because in January, we’ll always know that Rhythm Heaven Fever is only a month away. Nintendo told us so. Let’s just pretend the company’s track record about release dates doesn’t exist and ignore the fact that Rhythm Heaven Fever only has a February 2012 release window and not an actual date. As far as we know, we could spend Valentine’s Day with someone we love, playing rhythm-based mini-games together. And that would be like the best Valentine’s Day ever.

Like other Rhythm Heaven games, Rhythm Heaven Fever is a mini-game collection with simplistic and stylish graphics and deceptively simple controls. You typically need to press only one button or make only one gesture in each level to pass. The trick is, you need to do it with precise timing to pass. The series is huge in Japan, but it’s only just starting to find love here.

When Rhythm Heaven Fever does come out, prepare to pay the premium Wii price for it. That is, $49.99. Of course, what do you expect? It’s an actual Nintendo game. The only Wii games that come in under that threshold are third party titles.

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