Nintendo Downloads for December 8, 2011

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Nintendo Downloads Weekly Update
PushmoHey everyone! I know what you’re expecting. You think I’m going to say we’re seeing another week of disappointing Nintendo downloads. Well, you’d be wrong. While it is kind-of sad that there are only four new downloadable games this week, there are actually some promising games hidden in there. I mean honestly, only one of the games sounds like it may not be worth your time.

Gamertell’s Nintendo Download picks for the week are Pushmo (3DS) and Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder (WiiWare).

3DS eShop

Price: $6.99
Genre: Action / Puzzle
ESRB Rating: “Everyone”
Players: 1
Description: Pushmo contains 200 block puzzles and players have to make Mallo solve each one to save children who somehow got themselves trapped inside. Players can also make their own puzzles and share them via QR codes.

Paper Wars Cannon Fodder


Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder
Price: 500 Nintendo Points / $5
Genre: Shooter
ESRB Rating: “Teen”
Players: 1-4
Description: Players man a paper tank and must fire at and destroy all the paper soldiers that march across the screen to win. There is multiplayer, but there doesn’t seem any kind of clear description of how that works and if it is competitive or cooperative.

Virtual Console



(Note: All DSiWare can also be played on the 3DS.)

Castle Conqueror: Against
Price: 200 Nintendo Points / $1.99
Genre: Real Time Strategy
ESRB Rating: “Everyone 10+”
Players: 1
Description: Players help a tribe of islanders fight against the Empire, who has landed there to invade and strip it of natural resources. You have to organize the people and help them strike back.

Word Searcher 4
Price: 500 Nintendo Points / $4.99
Genre: Puzzle
ESRB Rating: “Everyone”
Players: 1
Description: This is a word search game with 100 puzzles.

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