Vita only lets you use one PSN account

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Vita boxProspective PlayStation Vita owners who have multiple PlayStation Network accounts may want to think a bit more about purchasing Sony’s new handheld. It turns out yet another detrimental fact about the hardware has come to light, and it’s something that will make importers and globetrotters quite upset. Only one PSN account can be tied to a Vita at a time. Which means, no visiting other regions’ PlayStation Stores for downloadable games, DLC or demos.

This news was revealed by a poster on NeoGAF who was actually able to attend the Osaka Vita event and translated the bad news from the informational booklet Sony was passing out to attendees. The pamphlet had a FAQ, which stated that only one account can be active on a Vita. If someone decides they no longer wish to use that account, the system has to be completely reset to its original factory settings. Only then, after starting over fresh, can a new account be tied to the Vita.

While this news primarily impacts people who speak multiple languages and enjoy importing games, it affects families as well. At $249.99, the Vita is quite a pricey handheld. Even the 3DS couldn’t stay afloat at that price. So if a family gets one, odds are it’ll be community property. However, with the PSN account restriction only one person will actually get to have an account. This means everyone will have to share the same friends, trophy credit will only go to one person and there’ll be no privacy when it comes to the messaging system.

This is a concept that isn’t entirely new. The PSP also only allowed one PSN account to be active at a time. However, switching to another account was really quite painless. You just went to the settings and deleted the existing account on the system. It literally only took a few button presses and didn’t disrupt the rest of the system. You could then log in to your other account and play the games tied to that.

Another side effect of this PSP PSN account issue was that it would only connect to the PS3 if the active account on the PS3 was the same account on the PSP. We’ll have to wait and hear from Sony if the Vita will only recognize and connect to a PS3 that’s also connected to the same account.

I guess we’ll have to wait until the Vita’s February 22, 2011 launch and see if this account system is as annoying as it sounds.

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