PlayStation Home update lets you horde more items

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Home hamsters

PlayStation Home is getting another update today, but the changes won’t be nearly as drastic as what we saw back in November. The aesthetic and design of PlayStation Home will remain the same, but improvements to personal spaces, companions and developer tools have been made. Just like every other Home update, you can expect to be updated to version 1.60 automatically.

In this update, Sony has doubled the number of furniture items you can have in a personal space. Up to 100 standard furniture items can be placed in an area at once. If you want to add active furniture, just know that one piece of active furniture is equal to using 22 standard furniture slots. For example, you can have 78 standard pieces of standard furniture and only one active piece of furniture at the same time.

Sony has also improved the targeting system for when you want to move furniture around. Now, you should only be able to target furniture that’s in your direct vicinity instead of mistakenly selecting a couch that’s a floor beneath you.

One of the final big changes deals with companions. Companions should remain active no matter what you do or where you go.

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