uDraw fails to meet expectations on PS3, Xbox 360

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uDraw PS3

Did you know uDraw released for the Xbox 360 and PS3? That’s okay because a lot of people didn’t know either. Well, it was either that or they just didn’t care. Even though uDraw saw considerable success on the Wii, it sunk like a stone when versions were released for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Sales were so bad, THQ had to revise its net sales expectations for its fiscal 2012 third quarter by 25 percent. THQ originally expected sales of between $510 million and $550 million Ouch.

On the plus side, THQ expects to see sales for WWE ’12 and Saint’s Row: The Third to be higher than it expected. WWE ’12 recent server problems could be a testament to more copies being sold than THQ’s servers can handle, and Saint’s Row: The Third has been adored by most critics.

uDraw wasn’t released at a good time. It had to go up against a number of big titles that catered to more seasoned gamers. It essentially got lost in the shuffle. We also didn’t see it featured in any Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales.

We’ll find out exactly how much uDraw affected THQ in February 2012.

Via [THQ]

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