PC gamers get Alan Wake as Xbox 360 owners get American Nightmare

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Alan Wake Windows PC
Here’s some good news for computer gamers who enjoy adventure games with rich, thrilling stories. Alan Wake is actually getting a Windows port! The Xbox 360 game received rave reviews when it was released in May, 2010 and since then people who don’t own that particular console have been hoping Remedy would work on a port. Now, it turns out all those people may get to experience the original Alan Wake just as Alan Wake: American Nightmare is released on Xbox Live Arcade.

As of right now, both games have an early 2011 release window. Alan Wake‘s release date is a bit more specific, as it should be out in Spring 2012. So if things work out just right, both could be released at around the same time! The PC version of Alan Wake will actually turn out to be the best one, as it will include the two additional DLC episodes, called The Signal and The Writer, for free. Xbox 360 owners had to pay $7 for each one. A price hasn’t been announced yet.

Alan Wake is a third-person shooter and adventure game. Players follow Alan Wake, an author, as he and his wife visit a small town to take a vacation and hopefully banish his writer’s block. However, this small town isn’t a peaceful one, as his wife is kidnapped by some mysterious force. All the townspeople are now possessed by the Dark Presence, requiring them to be exposed to light before Alan can harm them. Meanwhile, the Dark Presence enemies seem to drop pages from a manuscript Alan has apparently written, called Departure. As you can see, it gets quite spooky. It also ends on a cliffhanger, so let’s hope Alan Wake: American Nightmare receives a PC port too!

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