Xbox Live Update for the week of December 11 through 17, 2011

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Xbox live weekly update

Shooter fans have much to be happy about this week. Gears of War 3 lets us step into the combat boots of a feared villain this week in the RAAM’s Shadow add-on. This prequel takes us back to before Emergence Day and features Zeta Squad, led by Gears 1 character Lt. Minh Young Kim. The team also features Gears 2’s Tai Kaliso. The three-plus hour campaign adds 250 points worth of achievements, six new multiplayer character skins and chocolate weapon skins. If you purchased the Season Pass, this is a free download for you. Otherwise, it’s 1200 Microsoft Points. ($15)

Battlefield 3 takes us Back to Karkand in a new expansion pack. It features four fan favorite maps from Battlefield 2 including Strike, one of the game’s most popular shooting galleries. It also contains new dogtags, vehicles and weapons. There are five new achievements also. Karkand has a new game mode called Conquest Assault. One team begins with control of all the flags on the map, but no base. The attacking team has a base but doesn’t control any points. Violence (of the tactical and strategic kind) ensues. This expansion is free to those who purchased the Limited Edition of Battlefield 3, it’s 1200 MP for everyone else.

Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand

Sonic CD gets an HD update this week. Because it was on the Sega CD peripheral, a lot of Genesis owners never got to try this one. Sonic’s nemesis Dr. Eggman has created Metal Sonic, a robotic version of our hedgehog hero. To defeat them, Sonic needs to travel through time. The time travel components of the game yield different obstacles, enemies and endings. This is some classic platforming and one of Sonic’s finest hours. Better yet, it’s only 400 MP.

Joe Danger: Special Edition casts you as a fearless, world-class stuntman. You’ll need to perform some wild tricks to get fans back into the seats. Giant boxing gloves, conveyor belts and barricades are among the challenges you’ll face.The evil Team Nasty is out to make sure Joe’s comeback is a short one, so you’ll contend with them in races. It combines elements of racing and platforming and has drawn favorable comparisons to racers ranging from ExciteBike to Trials HD. The Special Edition contains a Laboratory Mode filled with developer challenges for those who really want to test their racing and tricking prowess. You can unleash the Danger for 1200 MP.

The Deal of the Week is a sale on anime-inspired games. Hard Corps: Uprising and Radiant Silvergun are 600 MP each, while Bangai-O HD and Guwange are 400 MP each. It’s time to get your stylized shooting on.

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