XSEED picks up Sumioni: Demon Arts

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Sumioni Demon Arts
One of the most artistic Vita launch titles is going to be released in North America! Yesterday, XSEED was teasing a new game release. It provided a picture of an assortment of items, and said four of them would aid you. It turns out, it was trying to let everyone know that it has picked up Sumioni: Demon Arts!

Sumioni is a 2D action game inspired by sumi-e paintings. Players control a Sumioni, which is an ink demon. He’s actually a good ink demon though, as he’s going to clean up feudal Japan so all of the people living there can enjoy peaceful lives. Players assist him in his bad-guy battling endeavors by using standard beat’em up attacks and a touch screen paintbrush. Depending on your performance and action, Sumioni may end up with a good or bad ending.

Here, the Acquire Sumioni trailer should give you a better idea of how this will work.

As you can see, Sumioni has a bit of an Okami vibe. You have to draw on the screen, using the Vita’s touch screen, to summon monsters to help fight or simply create platforms for Sumioni to help him progress through levels. Drawings can also be used as walls or barriers for protection. There are also going to be different kinds of brushes, which will result in different kind of paint effects.

XSEED hasn’t released an exact Sumioni release date. So far, it says it will be out in Spring 2012. That would still make it a Vita launch window title, so yay for us!

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