Only new Vita games net players trophies

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We already knew Sony wanted to get more money out of people when it came to the Vita by requiring a factory reset if you decided you wanted to switch to a different PlayStation Network account on the system. Now, it turns out they want to get more money out of people when it comes to games. Like the PS3, the Vita allows people to earn trophies by meeting certain objectives in games. Unlike the PS3, only new Vita games can boost your overall gamerscore.

Here’s how it works. If you have a physical Vita cartridge and buy it new, you can pop it into your Vita and earn trophies for all of your accomplishments. If you buy the game used, you can’t earn any trophies as you play. Only the original owner can. However, if the original owner gets a second Vita, it is possible to authorize the game to allow the second Vita to earn trophies, provided you log into the same PSN account on both systems.

So I guess Sony is thinking Trophies are a big enough deal to some people to convince them to pay $5-$10 more for a game just to earn them. Personally, I think it’s a pretty stupid idea. I mean, it’s just a little notation on a profile saying you did something. It’s not like you earn some kind of reward in the game.

This helpful tidbit came from the English Vita user guide. A few other interesting tidbits came up as well. Apparently, you get 3-5 hours of gameplay from a single charge, depending on how bright the screen is, if you have headphones on, if WiFi is on and if you’re using Bluetooth. Also, if a game saves to a Vita cartridge, you can’t back up that save data. Also, PSP save data can be transferred to a Vita, so you can pick up where you left off in your existing games. So when it comes to battery life and save data, it actually has some things in common with the 3DS!

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  • Marvel Sutantio

    Darn Sony, even Nintendo with their DS & 3DS cartridges never did something like that. And both console have sold milions. At least now I know I should just sell my used Vita cartridges to those who don't bother with trophies.

  • Anonymous

    This article neglects to mention that in order to earn trophies you can just rest the game (kind of like Nintendo has done with most handheld titles like Pokemon) It's not that big of a deal.
    If you buy preowned, just reset the game!