Skyward Sword gets a Wii Channel to fix its bug

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By now, most Wii owners know that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has a game-breaking glitch in it. There’s one point in the game where Link is going around, getting songs from dragons during a quest called Song of the Hero. If he goes to the Thunder Dragon in the Lanaryu Deserts first, then the trouble can start. There’s a Goron named Golo in the Lanaryu Mine near said dragon, and if someone talks to Golo twice, then the game goes wonky and they won’t be able to get the songs from the Fire and Water Dragons. Soon, there will be two solutions for people who just had to be chatty with Golo, one which involves sending SD cards to NIntendo and one that involves a fairly simple download.

The first solution, which is immediately available, is rather complicated. It involves copying your Skyward Sword save data to an SD card, and then mailing it to Nintendo. After you talk to Nintendo representatives and secure the arrangement, Nintendo will fix the data on the SD card and mail it back to you so you can keep playing. Fortunately, the second isn’t nearly so bad.

Japan is the first territory to receive the Zelda Data Restoration Channel. Since Wii games aren’t like PS3 or Xbox 360 games, with the whole patching system, this is the only way Nintendo could make things better without the whole “sending things through the mail” thing. The Zelda Data Restoration Channel has been added to the Channels Section in the Wii Shop Channel as a free download in that region. People download the channel, then launch the program once it appears on the main menu and get a quick and easy fix to the save issue within minutes. Once the save file has been fixed, you’re all set. I’d still recommend keeping the channel, just in case you play Skyward Sword again and find yourself in a similar situation.

Nintendo hasn’t said when the Zelda Data Restoration Channel will be released worldwide. Hopefully, it will be soon. I have a feeling a lot of people will be getting Skyward Sword this Christmas and many may not be aware of the damage Golo is capable of doing with a few words.

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