PlayScape brings 50 free games and a unique business model to Android

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What would you do if I told you there’s an app in the Android Market that gives you access to 50 games for free? You’d probably wonder what the catch is. There’s a slight catch, but the reason behind the app called PlayScape is doesn’t shove a bunch of ads in your face. It’s about discovering games in a way that drives participation.

PlayScape is like having a modern arcade cabinet in your phone. The idea behind it is to give developers better recognition in the Android Market, while giving gamers a reason to try out all kinds of games. MoMinis, the company behind PlayScape, hopes to achieve this by implementing cross-game missions and currency.

Each game in PlayScape contains missions that can be completed for XP and in-app currency called PlayScape Coins. PlayScape Coins are used to redeem power-ups for the games, virtual items or you can use the coins to unlock new games.

Here’s a basic scenario to give you a better idea of how PlayScape works. Let’s say you check out the missions list and see you can earn 40 PlayCoins and 200 XP for completing a specific task in Bubble Monkey. Clicking on that particular mission will open Bubble Monkey’s page in the Android Market. Once you download it, Bubble Monkey will be playable within PlayScape. The coins you earn from completing the mission in Bubble Monkey can be used to buy a powerup in another game in PlayScape called Bouncy Bill. This cycle will continue because the missions change every day.

One thing I wish was different about PlayScape is probably something MoMinis can’t change. Every game you download into PlayScape also shows up in the Android app menu. It would be nice if all the games stayed within one app like the Corona Indie Bundle, but that’s not likely possible considering PlayScape is dealing with standalone titles.

I think MoMinis has an interesting business model with PlayScape. The user interface is pretty nice, and the cross game currency and achievements are nice touches to keep gamers interested.

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