Toys R Us’ end of 2011 ad has tablet and game deals

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Toys R Us’ last ad of 2011 may be small at only four pages long, but it’s actually quite full of deals. Most of the items are smaller deals, perfect for people with gift cards to redeem, but there are also tablet promotions that may interest people who want to spend a little more money this week. Not to mention all in-stock movies will be part of a buy one, get one 40% off promotion until December 31, 2011.

Actually, the video game deal is identical. Every single game in stock is part of a massive buy one, get one 40% off promotion as well. No games are exempt, so no matter which console or handheld you have, you can get yourself a good deal. The cheaper of the two games will of course be the one that’s 40% off.

There are also two miscellaneous game deals. First, all DSis and DSi XLs come with both a $20 Toys R Us gift card and a Baby Mario bobble head stylus. Personally, I’d suggest a 3DS instead since a DSi XL and 3DS are both $169.99 and the 3DS has more features and plays DS and 3DS games, but it’s up to you. Also, the Skylanders figures and adventure packs are all part of a buy one, get one 25% off deal. If someone got a Skylanders Starter Kit (3DS, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360), it could be a good time to stock up on accessories.

Finally, there are the tablets. While three Android tablets are prominently featured on the front page of Toys R Us’ ad, they aren’t on sale. They’re there to highlight a gift card promotion. If you get a tablet that costs less than $249.99, you get a $25 gift card with it. If the tablet costs over $250, it comes with a $50 gift card. Toys R Us actually does carry tablets from Sony and Samsung, so it’s a nice deal. The Kindle Fire is excluded from this offer though.

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