Expect paid downloadable content from Nintendo in March

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It’s about time Nintendo decided to come into the present when it comes to downloadable content. Nintendo has stayed away from paid DLC for a long time, but come this March, the streak will be broken.

According to Japan’s Nikkei newspaper, Nintendo will use Fire Emblem on the 3DS to kick off its involvement with DLC. Purchasing additional content will be done either by credit card, debit card or with prepaid cards. Nikkei didn’t get specific with pricing onFire Emblem‘s DLC, but it did put a “several hundred yen” figure on whatever Nintendo will offer.

Just to add a little more color on the subject of pricing, Google estimates 800 yen is around $10.

Nikkei’s report goes right along with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime’s recent comments about Nintendo investigating new ways to monetize games.

Via [Nikkei] (Japanese) Read [Kotaku]

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