La-Mulana is done, will be out next year

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You know the saying, “Better late than ever?” Well, it’s particularly applicable in the case of La-Mulana. It was originally a freeware, indie game that was supposed to receive an updated WiiWare port, just like what happened with Cave Story. Except there were some issues. You know, things sometimes come up in development, and it almost looked like La-Mulana would never appear. But now, the good news is, it will be here sometime in 2012.

Nigoro just posted the update on its official La-Mulana Blog confirming the news. The game had to go through a lot of quality checks and ended up missing yet another 2011 release window. But now, La-Mulana is definitely on track and will be released as a Wii download in the next year. In addition, the developer is working on an updated version of the freeware hit for computers as well. So even though it’s taken a while, things have worked out in the end.

La-Mulana is a non-linear Metroidvania game. Players venture forth through a tomb, fighting enemies and finding treasures as an archaeologist named Lemeza Kosugi. The graphics and music are being updated, there will be new secrets added and the difficulty level will be toned down.

In the meantime, there is an alternative. If you have a Windows PC, it isn’t too difficult to find the original La-Mulana Grab that, then head over to Aeon Genesis for the fan translation. It completely translates the original game, giving you a taste of what to expect when it finally arrives on your Wii next year.

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