Some copies of Twisted Metal will come with Twisted Metal: Black

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David Jaffe stopped by PlayStation Blog today to announce something special for the early adopters of the new Twisted Metal which will be released on Valentine’s Day (February 14)  in 2012. When Twisted Metal is released, a certain number of limited edition copies will ship. Inside the special edition will be voucher to download Twisted Metal: Black.

Jaffe has no idea how long the limited edition of Twisted Metal will be available to purchase. He did however note that the digital copy of Twisted Metal: Black you’ll get will be the original version from June 2001.

Twisted Metal: Black was the first game in the series to get a Mature ESRB rating. The stories from each of the characters were truly disturbing. I’ll never forget Charlie Kane’s son in Twisted Metal Black that reanimated he father’s corpse to drive Yellow Jacket. The stories of other characters are just as distrubing.

If you haven’t looked up these videos on YouTube by now, you really should.

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