CES 2012: Hyperkin bringing RetroN 3, Supaboy, Game Genie

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CES 2012 will be the place to be January 10-13, 2012, and it turns out Hyperkin will be there with some interesting new products. Not only will the all-in-one RetroN 3 be on display, but the SupaBoy handheld can be tested out and a slew of Game Genies for multiple consoles and handhelds. It looks like people who love retro goodness and making games slightly easier will be pleased this year. Well, they’re probably already happy since three of the items are immediately available.

Let’s start with the most expensive item. The SupaBoy is currently a pre-order item. It is a $79.99 handheld SNES with a 3.5″ LCD screen and two ports for original SNES controllers. It also can be plugged into a TV and used as a console. The best part about it is that it can play both SNES and SFC games.

Then there’s the Retro N3. It is a $69.99 custom system that plays NES, SNES and Genesis games. Of course, you can only play one kind of game at a time. It also comes with two wireless controllers, as well as ports for the original NES, SNES and Genesis controllers if you have them.

Finally, there are the Game Genies. The DS Game Genie is available now and costs $19.99. It works with all DS models and the 3DS, and allows you to use cheat codes with games, backup game saves on cartridges and allow people to listen and watch mp3 and movie files. It also has a WiFi receiver built into it for adding additional codes to the device. Hyperkin also says it will have Game Genie models for the PS3, PSP and Wii as well, with the Wii version being a downloadable program, but none of those items are available to purchase at the moment. There will also be a Game Genie Save Guru for managing game cheats and saves, but there weren’t any details on how that device will work or which console and handhelds it will be compatible with.

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