Gameloft’s $0.99 Android sale is live

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After a couple days of waiting, Gameloft’s Android sale is up and running. From now until January 5, all of Gameloft’s titles should be $0.99 in the Android Market. I used the word “should” because some games are still showing up at their original prices. Gameloft will most likely work this out as the day progresses. Your best bet is to find what you want and double check to make sure you aren’t overpaying.

If you’re looking to buy Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, you’ll have to wait until Gameloft specifically puts that game on sale. Gameloft wants players to follow it on Twitter or Facebook to know exactly when Modern Combat 3 will be discounted. When the switch is flipped, Modern Combat 3 will be $0.99 for 24 hours.

You’re free to dive into the list of games that are and will be on sale.

  • Asphalt HD
  • Asphalt 6
  • N.O.V.A. 2 HD
  • 9mm HD
  • The Adventures of Tintin HD
  • Driver San Francisco
  • Immortals
  • UNO
  • Order & Chaos Online
  • Assassin’s Creed Revelations
  • Where’s Waldo Now?
  • Platinum Sudoku
  • Texas Hold-em Poker 2
  • Block Breaker 3 Unlimited HD
  • Diamond Twister 2
  • Platinum Solitaire 3
  • Skee-Ball
  • Immortals
  • Midnight Bowling 2

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