Rumor: Wii U will support web browsing and third party apps

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Much about the Wii U is still a mystery. Nintendo’s next console is changing how we view a typical controller by allowing it to work independently from the console itself. The Wii U controller basically acts as a second screen, therefore allowing games to be played without a television. With a concept such as this, one has to imagine what other applications the Wii U can take advantage of. A new rumor from The Daily says Nintendo is going to create an app store specifically for the Wii U.

An inside source told The Daily video apps such as MLB.TV will be available for the Wii U. There’s also the possibility the Wii U will be able to access the internet. Essentially, the Wii U could become a 6.2-inch tablet in some respects.

This rumor, quite frankly, seems a bit far-fetched  for Nintendo. It took Nintendo a very long time to announce support for paid DLC which is a practice other console makers have embraced for years. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime also said customers can use existing options if  they want to watch live television. That statement doesn’t lend much confidence to a MLB.TV app.

Via [The Daily]

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