Modern Combat 3 is actually pretty good

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Gameloft put Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation on sale for $0.99 Monday. Just by reading the game’s title, it’s obvious Gameloft is trying to make Modern Combat successful by associating it with Modern Warfare 3. Gameloft has been using this method for a while. Gameloft used the success of StarCraft 2, Uncharted, World of Warcraft and more to push its games on mobile platforms that don’t see official ports of the aforementioned franchises. Despite any animosity one might have for Gameloft for being unoriginal, some of its ripoffs are well done. 

I downloaded Modern Combat 3 just to see how competent it is. After downloading nearly a gigabyte of extra data, I was staring at the game’s main menu (which is the image for this post). The story is as unoriginal as you’d imagine. The United States has been invaded by a trio of hostile nations and it’s up to the guy we’re controlling to save the country. Does that sound familiar? Of course it does.

I didn’t expect Modern Combat 3 to keep me engaged in any sort of story. That kind of immersion is usually lost on mobile games. I wanted to see how Modern Combat 3 handled first-person shooting when controlled on a touchscreen. I also wanted to see if Gameloft paid attention to graphical details. To my surprise, Gameloft did a nice job.

Modern Combat 3 looks really good on my HTC Sensation. It doesn’t have Infinity Blade quality visuals, but it’s still impressive. I can see why Modern Combat 3 needed all that extra SD card space.

The shooting is also competent for a game with no physical buttons. There’s no way to apply the same twitch reactions on a phone as you would with a real controller. To remedy this, Modern Combat 3 quickly snaps to nearby enemies whenever you aim down the sights of your weapon. So far, this mechanic has made the game pretty easy on normal difficulty.

The faults I’ve come across are typical of smartphone and tablet games that try to mimic console controls. Without physical buttons, it’s difficult to know what you’re pressing. I’ve been in situations where I meant to turn the camera, but ended up firing off a few rounds instead. The virtual button that controls sprinting is also awkwardly positioned near the center of the screen.

I have yet to try multiplayer, but I’m sure the limited controls will play a factor there as well.

Its stigma of a ripoff aside, Modern Combat 3 is the finest shooter I’ve played on Android. To me, Gameloft is sort of like Activision. We may not like how it handles business from time to time, but it puts out some fine games.

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