Star Wars: The Old Republic players suspended for visiting Ilum

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So, did you hear about the guy who was banned for visiting a planet he shouldn’t have been visiting yet in the latest Star Wars MMO? There’s some truth to it and it didn’t just happen to that one guy. See, Star Wars: The Old Republic is still bright, shiny and new, which means sometimes there are little bugs and glitches. One of these allows people who are below level 40 to visit a place called Ilum. It shouldn’t normally happen, but for some reason, it can. And BioWare has confirmed that people who exploit that are going to be punished. They won’t be banned, but there will be consequences.

See, Ilum has dungeon areas with rather desirable treasure chests. If someone at a lower level manages to survive there and reach a chest, they get access to equipment and items they really shouldn’t have yet. BioWare and EA are afraid that some people, gold farmers, are going to use this to get access to lots of goods to sell.

The bright side is that the companies aren’t going to recklessly punish anyone who decides to stop by Ilum before their time. They’re only going after people who are blatantly abusing the system. So if you’re going to Ilum more than one or two times and raiding tons of loot containers, then you’re going to get a warning or temporary suspension.

While it’s understandable that BioWare and EA don’t want people exploiting others by selling marked up goods before their time, this seems a bit like putting a plate of cupcakes in front of a five year old and then punishing him for eating them all. If there’s an especially egregious raiding, then go after the people responsible, but if it’s minor then the companies should chalk it up to their own incompetance and fix it the next time Star Wars: The Old Republic is patched.

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