Dancing makes Star Wars: The Old Republic Players untouchable

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If you are playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, there’s another pretty awesome, unintentional trick out there you might have missed. And, unfortunately, BioWare’s now aware of it so you’ll probably never get to try it. As in many MMOs, players can direct their avatars to do silly little actions that don’t have any real purpose. In particular, dancing. Except, dancing in SWTOR has an unintended, yet awesome effect. It makes characters untouchable!

Here’s how this neat glitch works. A group of players gets together and goes into a dungeon area. When an enemy comes up, one player gets in nice and close and types /getdown. That player’s avatar starts dancing, and then becomes invincible to all enemy attacks and fire. It doesn’t matter what kind of enemies were going to attack, their attacks now do as much damage as a pillow. The other party members then assault the enemy. Unless, of course, said enemy targets one of them. Then they make their avatars dance while the other party members attack.

A video has even appeared on Youtube showing how /getdown can save your SWTOR avatar’s life.

Now, just like with the Ilum glitch that allows people to visit that planet when they’re under level 40, BioWare is aware of the /getdown glitch and will punish people who abuse it. Dance zones have been set up in the game and your avatars can only get down there until BioWare issues a patch that cures dance fever. If you do dance outside those zones, in front of enemies, to show off, then you’ll be punished. Maybe it will be a warning, perhaps a suspension and even a ban might be issued.

It’s a shame this glitch was discovered so quickly! I bet it would have been a lot of fun to play with in the game. Oh well, I’m sure more will eventually be discovered.

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