House of the Dead 3 and 4 relocating to PSN

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Apparently, there just haven’t been enough zombies appearing on the PlayStation Network. You know, despite All Zombies Must Die, Burn Zombie Burn!, Dead Nation, The Last Guy and countless other zombie-attacking games infesting the store. That’s the only reason I can see for Sega decided that House of the Dead 3 and House of the Dead 4 must take up residence there as well. In a way, it’s momentous as this is the first time House of the Dead 4 is appearing outside of an arcade.

These are actually enhanced ports of the original two House of the Dead games. They look better, due to HD graphics. They also might even play better, since people can use the PlayStation Move controller for zombie hunting. If you don’t have Move, don’t worry. Both games can be played with a regular DualShock 3 controller. I’m not sure how that’d work, since these were originally lightgun games. I guess there will be crosshairs on screen and you’ll aim with the analog stick. Also, like the other Sega ports released recently, you can earn trophies as you play. Not to mention both games support local cooperative multiplayer.

House of the Dead 3 will appear first on February 7, 2012. It was the first entry to allow players to cancel boss attacks by shooting accurately and had special rescue events to save random people from zombies while proceeding through levels. House of the Dead 4 will come later in spring 2012. It has hand-to-hand moments if a zombie gets to close and also occasionally has a treasure rooms filled with extra items and power-ups. Prices haven’t been announced for either game yet.

Sega’s also released a trailer for the House of the Dead 3 remaster. There are lots of zombies and monsters in it and it’s a bit graphic, so keep that in mind before watching.

As awesome as this announcement is, I have to admit that I’m waiting to see Typing of the Dead again. People can hook up keyboards to their PS3s Sega! Put that on PSN so I can attack zombies by typing phrases like “warped mind” or “bed-wetting!” And yes, those phrases were actually in the original Typing of the Dead.

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  • awesomegamer

    “relocating is nice as it reaches to a much broader audience or gamers… i feel bad whenever i get to see trailers or awesome games yet they would only appear available on certain platforms i dont have.. but i give thumbs up for latest versions of games like House of the Dead, Final Fantasy, Ricky Carmichael Motorcross Matchup Pro, etc for expanding towards other platforms…”