The Infinity Blade franchise brought in a lot money

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Look no further than Infinity Blade if you need more proof that iOS games can make tens of millions of dollars. At this time, the Infinity Blade franchise (which only spans two games) has earned more than $30 million since it was introduced. The first Infinity Blade was released in December 2010, and Infinity Blade 2 was released just over one month ago. It’s safe to say this franchise is a blockbuster.

Of the $30 million brought in by the Infinity Blade franchise, $5 million comes from Infinity Blade 2. Epic and ChAIR Entertainment also benefit from the novel Infinity Blade: Awakening, the giant touchscreen-enabled Infinity Blade FX and the Infinity Blade soundtrack.

Infinity Blade‘s success almost certainly puts it in a position to receive a third game. If and when Apple announces a new iPhone or iPad this year, some iteration of Infinity Blade may be used to show off whatever new feature Apple promotes.

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