Nexon unleashes some Combat Arms: Zombies on iTunes

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Combat Arms has gradually become one of Nexon’s most popular games, so it’s only natural the company would want to invest in that property and bring it to other platforms. The next stop for it is Combat Arms: Zombies. It’s a portable version of the full game that is designed to be similar to the Fireteam Mode in the original Combat Arms while also offering a fresh experience that anyone who happens to be interested in FPS games can enjoy.

In Combat Arms: Zombies, players control a custom character who must fight both the zombies and zombie-esque monsters in the area and, in some cases, work against the environment he or she is exploring. The game has multiple guns to use, all of which can be customized, and five different control schemes to choose from to make the game comfortable for everyone. All you have to do is keep surviving to win. Don’t worry if that’s too hard, you can also spend real cash on in-game gold to make upgrading easier and your character stronger.

Nexon’s also released a Combat Arms: Zombies trailer so you can see just how this Unreal Engine game plays. Before you hit play, remember that this is a zombie game so there will be some fake blood in the video.

If you’re at all interested in Combat Arms: Zombies, it’s better to be impulsive and just grab the app now. It’s on sale for a limited time to celebrate the holiday season and the game’s launch. So you’ll pay $4.99 instead of $6.99 until January 13, 2012. Actually, that’s something to be thankful for as originally the sale was supposed to end today (January 6, 2012). If you want it and don’t have an iOS device, then be patient. Nexon has said that it will eventually be bringing the app to Android devices as well.

Combat Arms: Zombies is a portable and single-player spin-off of Nexon’s surprisingly successful Combat Arms. The full game is a free-to-play MMOFPS with an ample cash shop. Players create a custom character and head into the game to face off against other players, seeing who can survive the longest or whose team is better. It’s actually supposed to be pretty good and a possible, free alternative for people who enjoy the Call of Duty and Battlefield games, but don’t want to have to keep paying money for the new iterations.

Here’s another fun little bonus – if you buy Combat Arms: Zombies, you get a code that lets you get some items from the Combat Arms cash shop for your character in the full MMOFPS.

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