Aliens: Colonial Marines CE includes physical and digital bonuses

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When it comes to games, it’s difficult to keep secrets very long. Aliens: Colonial Marines is a good example. Apparently, the image above showing the exact contents of the game’s collector’s edition showed up online within the past few days. Now, it’s everywhere. So even though Sega’s only just announced that the PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows game will actually be released in Q2 2012, we all already know what we’ll get if we’re willing to pay a premium price for the shooter.

So, let’s go through what you get. Most stunning is a resin model of a marine in power loader with an alien attacking him. You also get a wrap-around display to set up behind it, if you’d like. You know, provide a certain ambiance. If you don’t want to keep the game and statue out, there’s also a display box. Not to mention a USCM Dossier is included so you can read about the alien situation and be ready to tackle anything.

There’s also a number of virtual bonuses that you get to enjoy while actually playing Aliens: Colonial Marines. As is typical, you get free “legendary” weapons. They’re a M240 Flamethrower, M577 A2 Smart Gun and M41A Pulse Rifle Upgrade and all three are for use in the multiplayer mode. You also get an additional game mode called USCM Academy Firing Range, which will presumably allow players to perform some shooting exercises in a controlled environment.

The collector’s edition version of Aliens: Colonial Marines has yet to be priced. The standard edition will be $59.99, like all other console games though, if that helps.

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