CES 2012: Primer wireless headset could entice Xbox 360 owners

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CES means it’s gadget-time and that gamers should lbe ready to head about all the various controllers and accessories that could make their favorite past-time more comfortable. Mad Catz is going out of its way to try and making multiplayer Xbox 360 endeavors a little better with a new wireless headset. It’s part of the Tritton product line, is called the Primer and sounds pretty competent.

The Primer has pretty much everything you expect from a wireless headset. It has independent chat and game volume controls, you can mute your mic and comes with all of the cables and cords you’ll need to use it with any version of the Xbox 360. It also goes a step beyond standard headsets by using 40mm speakers with Neodymium magnets, the best drivers possible and using a 5.8 GHz frequency to avoid interference from other electronic devices while you’re playing.

Even though the Tritton Primer is one of Mad Catz featured items on the CES 2012 show floor, you don’t have to wait to see it for yourself. The headset is already available in the GameShark Store. Just be prepared to pay for it! It’s base price is $99.99. If that seems a bit steep, then perhaps you should wait and see if it shows up on Amazon or another store. After all, it’s actually a co-branded headset with both Mad Catz and Microsoft behind it, meaning it’s officially licensed. Odds are, we’ll start seeing it everywhere soon.

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