ColumbiaCon set for February 2012

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While big gaming conventions like Gen Con and Origins get plenty of press and loads of attendees, it’s easy to miss the small ones, since they mostly advertise with flyers at the local hobby shops. That’s a shame, because conventions, even small ones, are the best way to meet new people to play games. If you want more opponents, and you’re anywhere near Charlottesville, Virginia (USA), check out ColumbiaCon, held February 22 through 26, 2012.

As you might guess from the name, this convention is heavily sponsored by Columbia Games, with a big tournament featuring most of their popular games. It’ll also feature their latest game, Shenandoah, and I have to admit a US Civil War game is a great choice to introduce at a convention in Virginia. I’m sure it’s good, Columbia makes great games whatever the genre, I know I like Caesar very well. This convention also marks the 40th anniversary for Columbia Games, a well-deserved record of longevity.

While it’s their convention and they can do what they want, I’m surprised they don’t try to showcase their Harn role playing game. It’s a more detailed fantasy system, especially the combat, than Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), but never really caught on. With D & D having real issues the last few years, it seems like now might not be such a bad time to try again, I bet they could snatch a few players unwilling to switch over to D&D‘s new rules when they come out soon.

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