Auction Watch: Another hand-made Katamari hat

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From Xiola Azuthra, the Canadian woman who blessed the world with the original, hand-made, infamous Katamari Damaci knit hats comes… another Katamari hat! Xiola has apparently mustered up the time to knit another and it’s up for auction on eBay. The bidding starts at US $95 and is set to end May-13-07 16:14:19 PDT (Mother’s Day in the US). According to an MTV article, the original hat has sold for $130 on eBay, though by now it’s likely worth a bit more.

In case you don’t like the colors of the latest hat, (“…it’s extremely Invader-Zim-esque. and Invader Zim is clearly awesome,” Xiola wrote in an email list) she’s already completed a black-and-white hat and will post it to eBay next. She also indicated that she might make a Dalek hat (Dr. Who fans will drool all over that) and, when she gets more time, a Pisces-Katamari hat.

From the eBay post:

COLOUR: INVADER ZIM themed hat! :P it is is dayglo green, dark purple, and black. exact repeat colour designs will be very rare (I will not make this colour again unless requested, since I only had one ball of this yarn).

FIT: this hat is made to fit a 22″ head, so it should fit 20″ to 24″ heads comfortably (quite stretchy).

FIBRE: this hat is made of acrylic fibre with synthetic stuffing (acrylic or polyfill). It is washable but I advise against machine washing. I can email you with washing instructions. It will be very warm for the winter!

NEW CONDITION – SMOKE-FREE AND PET-FREE HOME (and freshly clean hair, course! :P)

For her lengthy explanation of why the price is so high, check out the auction. Happy bidding, Katamari fans!

Auction [eBay] Site [MadTeaParty] Also Read [MTV]

UPDATE: The hat sold for $95 (plus $13 shipping) with one bid.

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