Atelier Meruru will fix things up in May

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NIS America has really been keeping on top of those Atelier releases! The Arland branch is a trilogy of three PS3 games and the first two entries, Atelier Rorona and Atelier Totori, were releases respectively in September 2010 and September 2011. It seems the company realizes demand is high for the third and final entry, Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland, so we won’t have to wait until September 2012 to play it. It’ll be out in both North America and Europe in four months! Yes, it now has a May 2012 release window.

Like all the Atelier games, Atelier Meruru stars a young woman who wants to become an alchemist. In this case, Merurulince Rede Arl, princess of Arls, wants to learn alchemy to help make her country a better place. Especially since Arls may end up becoming part of the Arland Republic. Her mentor is actually Totori, the heroine of the previous game, though Rorona does show up as well.

Atelier Meruru is also a bit different in that Meruru doesn’t just alchemise items and explore the Arls and Arland areas for ingredients and standard, turn-based RPG battles. Meruru is a princess, after all! She will earn cultivation points which allow her to build up the kingdom of Arls and develop new buildings to make it a better place to life. So there are a few kingdom simulation elements tossed in, to make things interesting and give people more to do to reach the best ending.

NIS America even has a brand new Atelier Meruru trailer to get people excited. It’s mainly about Rorona and Totori though, showing what happened in their respective games. Still, if you need a refresher and have five minutes to spare, it’s worth watching.

Yup, it didn’t have much to say about Meruru, other than she’s a princess.

This is definitely going to be a PS3 game to play. The other two Arland entries were quite strong, with Atelier Totori being even better than Atelier Rorona. Not to mention, Atelier Meruru received the strongest reviews of the three in Japan. Don’t let this exclusive pass you by!

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