Gaikai sets its cloud gaming sights on Facebook

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Gaikai, the cloud gaming service with a different business model than OnLive, is about to make a huge move that will put it in front of several hundred million people. Gaikai CEO David Perry announced during Cloud Gaming Europe that Gaikai will be coming to Facebook. A release date isn’t known, but we can expect to see Gaikai on Facebook sooner rather than later.

To demonstrate Gaikai’s capabilities, Perry played World of Warcraft on Facebook. Even though WoW isn’t coming to Facebook via Gaikai, Perry’s goal was to show how quickly a player can jump into a game.

Perry reportedly criticized services such as Steam for placing too much friction between players and games. Perry showed how it takes around 40 mouse clicks to start a demo on Steam. Of course, 40 clicks assumes a player hasn’t used Steam before and has to go through the sign-up process. Gaikai also has the advantage of not requiring a player to download anything to play a game. It’s all done instantly through the cloud.

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