Skyrim mod turns dragons into Fluttershy from My Little Pony

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I hope you’re not eating lunch right now, because what you’re about to see might just ruin it. People like to mod PC games. You know, make them extra special with extra features, characters, equipment and scenarios. The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim is one of those kinds of games. Know what people also like? That new kid’s show called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The two have collided in an unholy fusion thanks to Skyrim Nexus user by the name of zdzichorowerzysta, and now people can transform Skyrim dragons into Fluttershy the pegasus.

Acquiring and installing the content is simple. Just head to the Nexus, download the appropriate .7z file pack and then copy it into the Skyrim folders on your computer. This mod only works with the Windows version of the game. The next time you play, you’ll find all the dragons are now gaping-mouthed Fluttershys. Fluttershies. Whatever!

Here’s a video, in case just seeing that picture up there wasn’t enough. Notice that, instead of shrieking when attacking, a Fluttershy yells a rather subdued, “Yay.”

Okay, I’ll admit that it looks a little better in action. Not to mention the idea of the pony yelling “Yay.” when it attacks is rather cute. It also seems the My Little Pony theme song will play when Fluttershy attacks. Actually, it’s more adorably hilarious than just plain “cute.”

That isn’t the only MLP: FIM mod at the Skyrim Nexus. You can also find MLP swords and shields, make the bards sing MLP songs and add textures that make the in-game horses look like, you guessed it, ponies from MLP. The Pony Horse mod is also by zdzichorowerzysta and again, is both cute and a little bit creepy at the same time. Here’s a video of it.

That song from the video won’t play whenever you ride one of the MLP ponies in Skyrim, so don’t get attached to it.

As mildly unsettling as al this is, I still have to say I would definitely add these mods to my game if I had the Windows version. Instead, I have to deal with save issues and standard horses on the PS3.

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