More Skylanders figures coming before January ends

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The Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure figures are a big thing now. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but if you check the area of the video game section in stores that should have them, they racks are barren. Well, you may see some of the more prominent figures, like Stealth Elf or Gill Grunt, but all the good figures are gone. The figures are even getting expensive on Amazon or eBay, going for way more than $7.99.

This shortage is compounded by the fact that there really aren’t as many in circulation as you’d think. While there are 37 Skylanders figures total, only 28 are immediately available and eight of those were only at certain stores, in special Legendary or Adventure packs or included in the 3DS Starter Kit. The good news is, Activision has confirmed that more figures are on the way via its Skylanders Facebook page.

The Facebook update stated that Activision is going to be getting more of the already released figures out as soon as possible. It also went on to say that some of the nine unreleased figures will be appearing soon, with many appearing before January 2012 ends. That means we’ll start seeing some of those unreleased items soon!

Here are the figures that weren’t available when 2012 began.

  • Camo
  • Cynder
  • Dragon’s Peak Adventure Pack, which includes the Sunburn figure.
  • Double Trouble
  • Legendary Trigger Happy
  • Lightning Rod
  • Warnado
  • Wham Shell
  • Zook

If you check Amazon, there are now product listings for both Cynder and Double Trouble. There’s also a listing for a three pack that includes Double Trouble, the former Target-exclusive Whirlwind and the former Walmart-exclusive Drill Sergeant. Also, Ignitor and Dark Spyro are still not available outside of the 3DS Skylanders starter kit.

So start keeping an eye out for those unreleased figures! Just try not to overpay for them. Single figures should be $7.99 each and the adventure packs and character triple packs should be $19.99 each. If a store or seller is charging more than that, then they’re just capitalizing on the series’ success and overcharging you.

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