Gaikai will stream full games following its Facebook debut

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Last week, Gaikai’s CEO David Perry revealed the cloud gaming service will be coming to Facebook very soon. Gaikai’s goal is to help publishers put their games in front of as many people as possible by providing a near-frictionless experience. Gamers are able to start playing one of Gaikia’s games instantly without downloading anything. At this time, Gaikai specializes in streaming demos. In about three months, Gaikai will start supporting full games.

David Perry told Gaikai’s full-game streaming initiative will begin three months after Gaikai goes live on Facebook. This move brings Gaikai one step closer to being in direct competition with OnLive.

Perry also pointed out a significant difference between Gaikai and OnLive.

“They [OnLive] have to modify the game, they have to get the source code to the game,” Perry said. “Gaikai doesn’t require modification of the game.”

“To give you an example The Witcher II was given to us and them at the same time. We went live with Witcher II immediately and now four or five months later they still don’t have that live, and that’s because they have to touch the code. The whole structure of Gaikai is about not touching the code.”

OnLive still has the advantage of being playable on televisions, smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs.

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