Get a taste of the Skyrim 1.4 update right now

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Skyrim‘s latest patch (v.1.4) isn’t ready for prime time yet, but you can still try it out if you have Skyrim on PC. Bethesda has released beta patch on Steam. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can install the patch now and test out the changes and fixes all you want. Be careful not to overwrite your non-beta saves because you may find yourself in a very unfavorable situation if a nasty bug appears.

Bethesda recommends not downloading and installing the beta patch unless there is something in the patch notes that directly affects your game. You can also choose to exit the beta at any time by going into the “settings” menu in Steam,  and opting out of the beta program.

The Creation Kit is not a part of the beta. Don’t worry, it’ll be available soon enough.

Via [Bethesda Blog]


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