No BlizzCon 2012 for you

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Well, this news is about to break one of my best friends’ hearts. Activision Blizzard has just canceled BlizzCon. So don’t go saving up for your tickets or organizing a meetup, because BlizzCon 2012 isn’t happening. World of Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo fans throughout the country are crying out in grief.

Okay, now that you’ve heard the bad news, why don’t you take a moment to compose yourself. I’ll wait.

Are you ready? Good. There is some good news, and by good I mean slightly less bad. Blizzard Entertainment has decided to hold a BlizzCon in 2013. So it isn’t like the convention is dead. It’s just on hiatus.

That bit probably filled you with hope, so I feel it’s only right to bring you down again by telling you one of the reasons why there won’t be a BlizzCon 2012. Blizzard has decided to hold a 2012 World Championship eSport event in Asia instead. Yes, it is canceling a beloved institution in favor of a new, eSporting event that most of its regular BlizzCon attendees can’t afford to attend.

The exact location and date of the 2012 World Championship hasn’t been revealed yet. It will be held somewhere in Asia. (I’m betting China.) It will happen before 2012 ends. It also will have World of Warcraft Arena and StarCraft II championship tournaments. The price hasn’t been revealed either, but I’m sure the ticket price combined with airfare and hotel will be quite ridiculous.

I’m thinking this would be a good time to start taking odds on how long it takes before the heartbroken BlizzCon fans start pulling together some kind of fan protest. I say the movement will be fully formed and fighting by Friday.

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