Xbox Live Update for the Week of January 22 through 28, 2012

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Call of Duty Elite Premium members can now enjoy two new maps, Piazza and Liberation.  The wide open spaces of Central Park provide the setting for Liberation, a sniper’s paradise. Long-range shooting rules the day here, and the truly brave can take to mounted turrets at either end of the park. Piazza is all about close quarters combat, full of tight corners and plenty of places to flank. If you think the enemy is behind you, above you or in front of you, you are probably right.

Quarrel is a unique word game that took the scenic route to the Xbox Live Arcade. Colin Anderson, managing director of game developer Denki, said multiple publishers shot the idea down. The retort he heard over and over was that gamers don’t play word games. Denki released the game on iOS, where it became a hit. Lo and behold, Denki found renewed interest in bringing it to other platforms. Now it’s available on Xbox Live. Quarrel asks you to conquer your opponent’s territories using words, not weapons. Word game lovers can pick this up for just 400 Microsoft Points. ($5)

We’ve got more brain-bending fun with Puddle, another game that took an unconventional path. It started out as a student project which won an award at Game Developers Conference 2010. You move liquid around environments ranging from a metal foundry to the human body. Each level has obstacles that might dissolve you, freeze you in place or otherwise halt your progress. Can you move your puddle to the promised land? Find out for 800 MP.

Jimmie’s Johnson’s Anything with an Engine has a demo this week. It’s a kart racer starring the NASCAR driver Johnson and a colorful cast of characters including a sumo wrestler and a vampire. Does Mario have anything to fear from the pro racing superstar? Thanks to the demo, it’s free to find out.

You can hail the king in Games on Demand as Duke Nukem Forever is now available to download for $19.99.

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