PS3, PSV versions of Street Fighter x Tekken include Pac-Man, Mega Man

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Man, that’s the ugliest version of Mega Man ever. Which is fitting, really, since the Street Fighter x Tekken version of Mega Man is based on the horrible NES box art that went with the early Mega Man games. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. You probably don’t even know what that picture of grotesque-Mega Man is there!

It turns out two characters have joined the Street Fighter x Tekken roster. One is the aforementioned variation of Mega Man. The other is a version of Pac-Man. Both will be playable fighters in the game, so long as you’re playing on the PS3 or Vita.

Here’s a trailer so you can see them in action.

These are the fourth and fifth exclusive characters to be announced for the PS3 and Vita versions of Street Fighter x Tekken. inFamous‘ Cole McGrath and Sony mascots Toro and Kuro also show up to fight. As of right now, the Xbox 360 version has no exclusive fighters to make it more enticing.

Street Fighter x Tekken will be released for all three platformed on March 6, 2012. No matter which one you get, it’ll be $59.99. That’s right, it’s a $60 Vita game.

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  • Jeff

    That is terrifying. Capcom is really botching this launch, or trying to go after the older gaming audience. Whichever the case, the sales of SFxT should be interesting. And why the exclusivity to Playstation users? I play on Xbox, and while I wasn’t interested in the game, it doesn’t make economic sense. Foolish Capcom.