The Humble Bundle for Android is go

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Today is a very special day! It’s the first time ever that a Humble Bundle has been released that also includes portable versions of every single game. The Humble Bundle for Android has launched and it is spectacular. It’s not as large as the other bundles (yet), but it’s still pretty darn awesome. Yes, the Humble Indie Bundle people have done it again.

The base Humble Bundle for Android only has three games. No matter what you pay, you’ll get Anomaly: Warzone Earth, a tower defense game, Edge, an action game where you guide a cube through levels, and Osmos, a puzzle game about making a mote larger and larger. If you pay more than the current average, you also get the fantastic puzzler, World of Goo. All four games are guaranteed to work on Android tablets or smartphones, Windows, Mac and Linux.

As usual, you get pay whatever you want and choose where your money goes after you make your purchase. The money can go to the developers, charity and/or the Humble Bundle people.

I’d recommend buying early. The average price is only going to go up. Besides, there are still three nodes empty on the main Humble Bundle for Android page. I bet they’ll be filled up with three more games eventually, for people who are willing to pay more than the average. They always add more games to the Humble Bundles after the halfway point! This bundle ends February 14, 2012.

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