Vita owners to pay less for games on the PlayStation Store

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I know those Vita memory cards are expensive, but it may be worth investing in them. Sony has just confirmed that the Vita games will be cheaper if you purchase and download them from the PlayStation Store than they will be if you were to buy them on a cartridge from a real store. Which does make sense, since it would cost more money for Sony and other companies to sell a physical copy.

This came up after a user named GQman2121 at NeoGAF discovered Best Buy had listings for Vita download codes. Nine games showed up and most instances, the downloads were about $5 cheaper than the physical copy. Sony then confirmed that this wasn’t some kind of glitch and did reflect actual Vita game pricing.

Here’s the he PSN pricing of games that GQman2121 was able to discover. Their normal retail price is in parantheses.

  • Escape Plan – It looks like $24.99 (Unknown)
  • Hotshots Golf – $35.99 ($29.99)
  • Little Deviants – $26.99 ($29.99)
  • MLB 12: The Show – $35.99 ($39.99)
  • ModNation Racers: Road Trip – It looks like $24.99 but it could be $26.99 ($29.99)
  • Reality Fighters – $26.99 ($39.99)
  • Super Stardust Delta – $9.99 (Unknown)
  • Uncharted: Golden Abyss – $44.99 ($49.99)
  • Unit 13 – $35.99 (Unknown)

Some of the games’ retail prices have yet to be revealed. Also, something seems pretty wrong with the Hot Shots Golf pricing, as the Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational game is $29.99 at retail.

Just remember – while those discounts look nice, you have to factor in the price of Vita memory cards. It doesn’t use the now-affordable microSD cards. It uses special ones! 4gb is $19.99, 8gb is $29.99, 16gb is $59.99 and 32gb is $99.99. While 4gb and 8gb seem like a lot, remember that full PSP games were easily 1-1.5gb. A full Vita game will definitely take up more space.

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